Hermès Silk Twilly: Price Index 2017

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Still one of Hermès’ bestselling accessories (and pretty much the first thing everyone buys when they first discover the French luxury house), the Silk Twilly that can be worn in about 2752 ways, tying it on the wrist as a cool bracelet, on the handles of your favourite Hermès bag (or any other bag, for that matter), even around the neck of your cute puppy. The list just goes on and on. And as you get creative and figure out more ways to use this most essentials of silks, it’s also time to revisit the prices of this little gem.

Back in 2015, the Silk Twilly was priced at an all-time high of SGD270. Good news. Since then, the price of it in Singapore has been adjusted downwards, with the price currently at SGD240. Yes, that’s a SGD30reduction since its peak a couple of years back.

But before we get all flustered and stomp down to the boutique to buy even more, let’s all take a tour around the globe and see how prices have fared generally. In the US, prices have also dropped slightly, now retailing at USD160 (or SGD233 after conversion). In the UK it costs GBP125 (SGD218), while over in the EU like places in France or Italy, it is still priced the lowest, coming in at EUR145 or SGD215 or so after conversion.

Interestingly, as we get closer to home, prices only seem to get higher. In Japan, it costs around SGD292 (JPY22,680) while in Australia it will set you back by almost SGD300 (AUD285). Canada held the title of being the cheapest place in the world to get yourself a Silk Twilly in 2015, but the price adjustment has made that no longer true.  It’s now CAD225compared to CAD170, which also means you have to cough up SGD236for the same thing.

In other words, even after the worldwide adjustment, it is still the most affordable in Europe, followed by the UK and Canada (US is probably 4th because most states will levy an additional tax after purchase). Singapore’s probably 5th or 6th, so it’s no wonder Singaporeans love heading to Europe to shop so much. 

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Alexander McQueen Flower Silk Knucklebox Clutch

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The Alexander McQueen Knuckle box clutches are expensive toys, but for a reason. You see, they are refined from the front to the back and left to the right, to the tiniest details. It’s a clutch that will make you standout in every party and every night. This bag will also blend like cookies and tea with your wedding dress, I mean, at the end, isn’t your bag that makes it all perfect?
The iconic knucklebox is the idea of Alexander McQueen, if you’ve seen it in another brand, it’s a copy. Each knuckle is finished with a unique jewel, and of course, that includes a skull and rhinestones. But the knucklebox serve a purpose – slide you fingers into it and feel how easy you can transport a clutch, it’s literally effortless.
But I am very picky when it comes to colors, I like my Alexander Mcqueen Knucklebox Clutch in light and soft colors, it’s just too beautiful to use it for the regular event. Pair it with a white evening dress, then match them with your favorite pumps. The silk, that has been inserted on the front and the back, feels luxurious and amazing. It’s finalized with gold metal hardware and the flower patterns feel like its spring again.
Measuring 8 x 23 x 5 in cm (H x W x D)



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Hermès Silk Twilly: Price Index 2015

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hermes_ss15-silk-twillyWhile I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the inevitable has happened, which is also why you’re now reading this post. Quite possibly the first luxury brand to have raised prices across the board, Hermès (at least in Singapore) is now slightly pricier than it was last year and depending on what you’re eyeing, increments are anywhere fromSGD10 to thousands of dollars.

Take the Silk Twilly, for example. When I first started blogging, it cost SGD180 a piece, last year it was SGD260 and now, it’s SGD270. Yes, that beautifully printed piece of silk favoured by Hermès aficionado around the world as THE accompaniment to their bags, is now 10 dollars more.

Just for fun, I pulled prices from the Silk Twilly around the world, and while this has been done before, I thought it would be a great tool for those travelling soon and looking to buy themselves a couple more.

So how much does it cost in other parts of the world? In Europe, it’s around SGD203(EUR135), in the UK, it costs SGD252 or so or UK125. Over in America a Silk Twillywill set you back by SGD228 (US170), while down under in Australia it’s more expensive at SGD276 (AUD260). Just for fun, I checked on Japan (it will cost youSGD245 or JPY21,600) while in Canada (surprise, surprise) it will only set you back by around SGD183 or so (CAD170).

In other words, a Silk Twilly is cheapest in Canada, followed by Europe, the US, the UK, Japan, Singapore, and finally, Australia. Guess where I’ll be heading to for a holiday really soon.

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